Vigor Technology

Standard Glove Box

Seal life more than 10 years ; Low leakage rate ( <0.001%/h ) ,daily automatic detection ; Large gas adsorption capacity (O2:45-60L); Water and oxygen content accurate and available,probe failure alarm; Regeneration interval (more than one year); Low failure rate ; Safe and convenient

Customized Inert Atmosphere System

Vigor technical team ,led by the expert invited by National "thousand talents program",consists of a number of chemical and engineering Ph.D, who own rich experience in scientific research and process design.

Purification system

Provide a system integrated by purification and laboratory gas environment

Solvent purification system

Remove water and purifier all kinds of solvents

Spare Parts

All kinds high-quality spare parts

Vigor Gas Purification Technologies Co. Ltd

Vigor Gas Purification Technologies Co. Ltd, listed in China's stock market (Stock Code: 832733), specializes in turn-key solutions of ultra-clean and ultra-pure inert gas environment and equipment for materials, OLED, lithium battery, and solar cell researches and productions. Vigor has developed patented no-leak seal and proprietary gas purification technologies to achieve inert atmosphere with PPB level of O2 and moisture impurities and Class ISO-2 cleanness.


New OTC market, stock Name: Vigor Tech; Stock Code: 832733

Vigor's Ph.D and M.S. chemists and engineers have extensive R&D experiences and are uniquely capable of developing new break-through technologies. Vigor regularly designs customized systems to meet its customers' special needs and owns more than 40 patents.
Vigor’s scientists and engineers know how to design the perfect inert atmosphere solutions for universities, research institutes, and businesses -- this is in line with Vigor's motto: "Researchers helping researchers". Vigor provides timely and professional service and assistance, and a guarantee that your research and manufacturing is in good hands.


Vigor Technology






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